The development of the cutting machine

September 19, 2017
Latest company news about The development of the cutting machine

The cutting machine is also called cutting bed, cutting press, feeding machine, die cutting machine, cutting machine and so on.


Production standard:Cutting machine production standard: HG/T 2420-1993.

Scope of use of the cutting machine:Suitable for foaming material, paperboard, textile, plastic material, leather, rubber, packaging materials, floor materials, carpet, glass fiber, cork and other material knife cutting.


The high degree of automation of the cutting equipment includes: computer controlled movable head cutting machine, laser cutting machine, high pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine.In addition, Italy and Britain the unsharp mask a projection cutting machine production company, this kind of equipment on the blanking with oscillation type cutting tools and visual observation device, used for contour scanning was carried out on the leather, or in the leather on the projection model to guide the cutting work arrangements material on leather on the set of rows.


The method of selecting the cutting machine:Mechanical cutting machine,Mechanical drive cutting machine,Hydraulic drive cutting machine.


The origin of the cutting machine name

The English name of the cutting machine is Cutter Maching, which means cutting machine.It is a processing machine used in industrial production to cut various kinds of flexible materials.This type of machine matches many different titles based on local habits.In foreign countries, they call it the cutting machine;In Taiwan, according to its English translation, the coincidence of Chinese meaning is called the cutting machine;

In Hong Kong, people call them beer machines based on their function;In the mainland, people are also known as the feeding machine.In the coastal areas of China, there is a corresponding name for this product.As they called the cutting bed in guangdong, fujian call it the punch press, they called the blanking machine in wenzhou, Shanghai, call it the cutting material machine, others call it the cutting machine, cutting machine, shoes machine, and so on.All these titles naturally form the key to the cutting machine.In fact, most people still call it the cutting machine.


The purpose of the cutting machine

In industrial production, the use of cutting machines is very extensive.Its main function is to make use of the molding tool die, and get the sheet or semi-finished products that people need by blanking.Suitable for processing all kinds of soft sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, paperboard, wool felt, asbestos, glass fiber, cork and other synthetic materials.